Vat-Inspection Have a VAT inspection around the corner?


Do you think you’re anxious that you could find yourself paying out loads of tax because of this?

Or possibly your books and records are unfinished or not updated and you will probably get fined?

Obviously, business people get anxious every time they have the horrible mail coming from HMRC revealing that they need to inspect. Nevertheless when you are in this particular situation, don’t stick your head in the sand and imagine the trouble is going to vanish – because it is just not.

Allow me to assist you – guaranteed. I’ll call you back within 1 working day to talk and work through the way we proceed with my VAT inspection advice service.

I’ve more than 15 years practical experience within accountancy in addition to VAT, covering a number of market areas. I possess wide practical experience in working with HMRC in VAT inspections and will fight your corner with HMRC with the best of my capability.

Business people are considerably more serious about their particular organization in comparison to the accounts side, and that means you could possibly have forgot about the books and records. It’s also possible you have submitted your VAT returns late or perhaps erroneously. It is not always the end of the world and we can work it out.

Give me a call (or send me an email) and I can certainly ease the vast majority of your stress and anxiety around this hard time.

I’M ON YOUR SIDE!vat inspection advice service | James Westacott ACA


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